The Weekly: Issue #2

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Where Arguments Come From
Special interests are distorting the national debate; here’s what we can do about it.

An emergent alliance between interest groups such as corporations or activists, and intellectuals who produce narratives and arguments, is shaping the information ecosystem. Many intellectuals respond to incentives from the interest groups to argue for predetermined positions in exchange for money, prestige, and an audience. Arguments with no backers are not disseminated as widely and often go unheard. This piece uses several brief case studies to illustrate how this affects reporting and public discourse. An open society requires an awareness of why and how our information is produced and shared, as well as the wider social norms necessary to keep interest groups from overly polluting the information environment. As the paralysis of the American political system in recent decades has shown, these critical capacities are essential to ensure that partisanship and selective reporting do not drown out accurate analysis.

The Consilience Project in the Media

In a special Your Undivided Attention episode from the Center for Humane Technology, Daniel Schmachtenberger shares how we can - and must - evolve our collective capacity to solve problems. Listen in.

36 - A Problem Well-Stated Is Half-Solved
We’ve explored many different problems on Your Undivided Attention — addiction, disinformation, polarization, climate change, and more. But what if many of these problems are actually symptoms of the same meta-problem, or meta-crisis? And what if a key leverage point for intervening in this meta-cri…
The Consilience Project is a non-profit media organization that aims to help catalyze a cultural movement toward higher-quality sensemaking. We seek to restore the health of our information commons by promoting public dialogue, civic virtue and participatory governance — the foundations of a functional democratic society.
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