Technology Shapes Our Values

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Technology is Not Values Neutral: Ending the Reign of Nihilistic Design
How should we design technologies that in turn shape our minds?

Your phone is an extension of you. It informs your view of the world and your system of values. Think for a moment about life without it. No instant contact with friends and family, no access to the endless entertainment and store of knowledge that is the Internet.

What would happen to that urge you feel to check your messages? How do you value the ability to reach anyone or learn anything instantly?

We care deeply about how technology enables us to learn, communicate, and live. We rely on technology to create almost everything around us, and it is now at the center of every moment of our lived experience.  

This week, we published a critical piece to explain how technology shapes human values and the implications for a future that will include AI, automation, and virtual reality. We stand on the brink of a range of possible outcomes. How we plan for the deeper impacts of tech will determine the kind of future we create.

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