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Hello from the Consilience Project Team.

We wanted to take a moment to provide you with several critical conversations that the Consilience Project team has been having, as well as update you on a forthcoming feature that we will be publishing shortly.

Daniel Schmachtenberger recently joined Nate Hagen’s podcast, “The Great Simplification.” This was part II of their discussions on important frameworks needed to clarify where civilization currently sits, with a focus on maximum power and hyper-agents, and what changes are needed for the future.

The Great Simplification Podcast: Daniel Schmachtenberger

And yesterday, Zak Stein joined Peter Limburg on the Stoa to discuss Bad Faith Communication strategies and ways they are weaponized in today's information ecosystem. Our recent feature, “The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication,” provides the baseline theory around the question of whether seeking to understand and communicate honestly can be maintained in the digital age.

The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication
Reversing the downward spiral of mutual distrust.
The Stoa: The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication w/Zak Stein

Consilience Project team members recently returned from a several week session on the foundational issues involved with some of the world’s most intractable problems. This sets our focus for future publishing. We are eager to share the first feature article in this series on Sunday, which seeks to demonstrate that technology is not values neutral, and examines a way forward for design thinking that factors the human impact of advancing technologies.

The Consilience Project Team

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