Daniel Schmachtenberger & Tristan Harris on the Joe Rogan Podcast

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Hello from the Consilience Project,

This past week our co-founder Daniel Schmachtenberger joined TCP advisor Tristan Harris from the Center for Humane Technology on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

#1736 - Tristan Harris & Daniel Schmachtenberger
Listen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Tristan Harris is a former Google design ethicist, co-founder and president of the Center for Humane Technology, and co-host of the Center for Humane Technology’s “Your Undivided Attention” podcast with Aza Raskin. Daniel Schmachtenber…

The far-ranging 3 hour conversation explored, among other topics, how AI-powered, advertising-driven social media platforms pose a significant threat to democracies, and how exponential technologies could instead be used to maximize human well-being and help build better free and open societies.

Among the solutions Daniel and Tristan discussed was the example of Audrey Tang and the Taiwanese government's adoption of participatory technologies to strengthen civil society. This case study was the topic of a recent Consilience Project article, which you can read below.

Taiwan’s Digital Democracy
Taiwan’s political fate may depend on its digital success.

So far the responses we’ve received on the podcast have been very positive. We hope you can take the time to listen and share it with your networks. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback as they are important to us.

Thank you for your interest and continued support.


The Consilience Project Team


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