"How to Mislead with Facts" and other notable conversations this week.

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Hello from the Consilience Project Team.

Today we published “How to Mislead with Facts.” This brief and informative paper is an excellent overview of the ways that fact-checking can be weaponized, and why being able to recognize, critique, and correct for misuse of facts is essential in a healthy, open democracy.

How to Mislead with Facts
When is telling the truth a means of deception?

Also of interest is this conversation hosted by The Stoa where the Consilience Project co-founder Daniel Schmachtenberger and advisors Jim Rutt, Tyson Yunkaporta, and Jordan Hall discuss the role of the arts and storytelling in shifting culture.

The Consilience Project’s Zak Stein recently sat down with Vance Crow to discuss the difference between education and propaganda. For greater background on the discussion, you can revisit the Consilience Project's series on propaganda here.

We’ve recently increased our publishing schedule, so you can look forward to more content and analysis on the health of our information commons over the coming months. It is our hope that by growing awareness of the ways that information can be weaponized, we can make our society more resilient to manipulation, and more capable of addressing the great challenges of our time.

Thank you,

The Consilience Project Team