How Big Tech is Reshaping Governance

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Hello from the Consilience Project team,

Today we published “How Big Tech is Reshaping Governance,” our final feature article for 2021.

In this article, we expose the mechanisms that have allowed tech companies to usurp the role and authority of governments: mass data collection and the ensuing ability to influence the behavior of unprecedented numbers of people. We argue that without direct intervention in the mechanisms that are at the heart of modern tech companies’ business models, the future of democracy and self-governance is at stake.

It is our hope that readers will become more aware of Big Tech’s role in changing the way governments function, and if left unchecked, its threat to democratic self-government. Only a more complete understanding of these issues will enable us to develop effective solutions for the health of our epistemic commons and the future of open societies.

How Big Tech is Reshaping Governance
In the digital age, government must change or become obsolete.

Warmest Regards,

The Consilience Project Team

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