#GivingTuesday: critical conversations for the future of human civilization

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Hello from the Consilience Project,

As we close out the calendar year, we are reflecting on all that we have accomplished with the support of our community. We’ve established ourselves as a 501(c3) non-profit organization and built a dedicated interdisciplinary team along with a robust volunteer and advisory network. We’ve published foundational research exploring the key challenges in our information commons and some of the most serious issues facing open democratic societies.  And we’re spreading the word beyond our own publication, including some high-profile podcast interviews with Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman and others.

Key members of our team and advisory network spent the last two months in Washington, D.C., interacting with people in very senior leadership positions in government and international organizations regarding the global security issues we’ve been researching. For an example of the kind of discussions we’ve been having, check out this interview with our founder Daniel Schmachtenberger and board member Tristan Harris, interviewed by political strategist Frank Luntz.

Our interactions have demonstrated that there is widespread public interest in these topics and that we are helping to change the conversation as we reach a broader audience. To continue raising the profile of these critical issues, and to allow us to influence more institutions and decision-makers, we need to grow our audience and our team.

On Giving Tuesday, we’re asking our community to make a tax-deductible donation to support publishing more leading-edge research and analysis to help guide decision-makers, leaders, and innovators towards solutions for the great challenges of our time. We have much more planned for 2022, and are looking forward to sharing it with you and our growing audience.

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We’re incredibly grateful to our community of donors and supporters – thank you for all you do.

With respect and gratitude,

The Consilience Project Team