New Feature: Endgames of Bad Faith Communication

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Hello from the Consilience Project Team.

Last week we published “The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication.” In this feature, we seek to describe how bad faith communication has become normalized, and the risks this poses to democracies. Societies decline into violence when mutual distrust and disrespect continually undermine any possibility of mutual understanding. Therefore, we must seek to restore faith in the power of those forms of communication that allow us to change positions, learn, and improve our thinking and coordinated action around essential shared realities.

The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication
Reversing the downward spiral of mutual distrust.

We also wanted to share several conversations of interest from the past three weeks from both Consilience Project experts, as well as experts within our larger network, that we believe provide unique and critically important insights into the state of the metacrisis.

In the first, Daniel Schmachtenberger recently joined Nate Hagens’ podcast, 'The Great Simplification', and in an interesting change of pace interviewed Nate for a foundational discussion around energy/money/technology/human culture, and how society might ‘bend’ instead of ‘break’ in the coming decades.

Zak Stein joined Perspectiva’s podcast in the first of a two part discussion building off of his essays “Education must make history again” and “Education is the metacrisis.”

Finally, we’d highly recommend the Center for Humane Technology’s recent podcast in which they have an open and candid discussion around expanding their scope from the harms of social media to the systems that enable those harms, and their doubts and concerns as they work to evolve their understanding of the social media predicament.

46 – Here’s Our Plan And We Don’t Know with Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin, and Stephanie Lepp
How have we evolved our understanding of our social media predicament? How has that evolution inspired us to question the work we do at Center for Humane Technology?

Thank you,

The Consilience Project Team

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